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Montana Spring Cleaning

Pat and Stephen had a great time at the Robber's Roost spring grounds cleaning in May; what a wonderful community event! We do more than just preservation planning, we get our hands dirty as well!

A tree is in the foreground on the right. Two log buildings are beyond, across a green lawn. The one farthest back is called Robber's Roost. People are sitting between the buildings, having a picnic lunch.

A picnic lunch break from the hard work.

Pat, a white woman, and Stephen, a white man, both wearing sunglasses, smile into the camera. Behind them is a two-story log building with a balcony called Robber's Roost.

Pat and Stephen in front of the Roost.

Green bushes and shrubs are in the foreground. A very full river flows across the center of the image with rocky hills beyond. The sky is partly cloudy and its obvious why Montana is called Big Sky Country.

Looking across the Gallatin River at the head of the Missouri River.

Ramshorn Creek is in the center of the image, flanked by grassy banks with a few trees. The creek is very full with melted snow from the mountains.

Ramshorn Creek at Robber's Roost, filled with water from the spring thaw.

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