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Baker-Johnson-Pickett Farmstead

Saving a critical piece of the agricultural heritage of Hamilton County.

Located just east of Baker’s Corner along Hinkle Creek on 236th Street, the Baker-Johnson-Pickett Farmstead stood for over a century-and-a-half as a working farmstead, but unfortunately became an obstacle to the development of infrastructure along US-31. The property is associated with Jesse Baker, a Quaker and abolitionist who arrived with a wave of “Baker” relatives who settled in the area and helped establish a settlement known as Baker’s Corner. The property was later owned by the Johnson and Pickett families who operated the farm during times of great prosperity and growth in the Hamilton County agricultural history.

ARCHtrio was commissioned to assess, evaluate, and report on the historic structures on the property, which included an early post-and-beam construction two-story house and a turn-of-the-century three-portal barn. With ties to both the Quaker settlement in Hamilton County and to the Underground Railroad, the original section of the home was of utmost interest. After an extensive study of both historic structures, it was determined that the house had been altered so significantly that all but the original hewn post and beam structure and log floor joists had been replaced. The historic barn however was very much intact.

As a result of this study, ARCHtrio created a detailed report of the property, its history, and its present condition. The structures were documented, photographed, and 3D laser scanned to provide an accurate representation of the historic structures.

Both the barn and the house have been disassembled, moved, and stored off site. A new home has been selected for the barn and house, and planning has begun for their future reconstruction. With progress ever present, a new roundabout exit at US-31 and 236th Street has taken the place of the original farmstead.


2021 - Present

Condition Assessment, Deconstruction, Reconstruction


Hamilton County, Indiana



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