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Command Coffee | Pilot Location

Creating a comfortably luxurious space for a local coffee shop that hopes its visitors take command of their days.

Working within the confines of an existing building, which had started life as a national coffee chain before a brief stint as a medical office, the team was challenged to create an experience that embodied the client's vision - a coffee shop that empowered its customers to take command of their day. Reconfiguring the existing space created distinct zones for individuals and groups, and provided space for socialization, work, and relaxation. An updated Art Deco aesthetic was developed for the space and incorporated into the new company's branding. A custom metal room divider, moss wall installation, unique lighting, and rich textiles, and touches of leather and gold combine to create a tailored, one-of-a-kind hospitality experience.



Interior Design, Hospitality Design, Renovation


Indianapolis, Indiana



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