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Harding Street Lofts

Highlighting the evolution of a former factory complex while creating a unique indoor/outdoor living experience.

Located on the southwest side of Indianapolis, the oldest buildings on the site date from the 1880s and feature exterior masonry walls with heavy timber columns and framing. Functioning as a furniture manufacturing company and then a metal recycling facility until 2010, the evolution of the complex can be visually understood via functional adaptations. These include the introduction of several 1-story additions constructed in the style of their time & reworking of numerous openings to accommodate an assortment of machinery over the years.

Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credits were utilized in the creation of 125 apartments in the four, 4-story buildings, including a new elevator. All spaces are interconnected and accessible. The 1-story buildings provide space for a leasing office and fitness center. Innovative design features included removing the roof from two 1-story buildings to create an enclosed courtyard with a fire pit and outdoor theatre for tenant use. The power house and smoke stack were preserved and developed into a luxury suite and conference center. Character defining features were retained and restored and include elements that illustrate the building’s evolution and unique aspects of the building’s former function. Construction Administration services were also provided throughout the building’s renovation.


Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credits


A Monumental Affair Downtown Development Honor Award, 2012

A Monumental Affair Innovative Reuse Achievement Award, 2012


2011 - 2012

Adaptive Reuse, Historic Preservation, Historic Tax Credits, Multi-Family Design, Renovation


Indianapolis, Indiana



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