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Robber's Roost

Preserving a 19th-century stagecoach inn and a piece of Montana's colorful history.

In 2021, the Virginia City Preservation Alliance (VCPA) secured funding for an assessment of the existing buildings and site at the Robber’s Roost property to document existing conditions and to help develop a plan for future development of the site. ARCHtrio was brought in to assist the VCPA with this study.


Robber’s Roost is one of very few 19th Century-era stagecoach inns remaining in existence. The VCPA is proud to serve as caretaker for this unique piece of Montana’s colorful history. ARCHtrio completed a detailed report covering the exterior and interior conditions of Robber’s Roost, as well as the other buildings and amenities on the site, including the Linderman Cabin, and Caretaker’s Cabin. We also identified preservation needs to preserve the structural integrity of the historic structures on the site, and worked with the VCPA to develop ideas for future site improvements and programming.


2021 - 2022

Condition Assessment, Historic Preservation


Laurin, Montana



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