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Snowy Night at the Theater

We are so excited to see the transformation of the marquee at the Times Theater in Rochester, Indiana! We had the opportunity to work with the town to renovate the façades of the Theater and five other buildings in their downtown. At the time of our renovation, the marquee was in need of restoration - it is a joy to see it lighting up the town once again!

The Times Theater Marquee is brightly lit, shining on a dark, snowy evening.
Times Theater - December 2022
The Times Theater and Marquee before renovation and restoration. The Theater has a stone façade at the first floor and the paint and lights on the marquee are in poor condition.
Times Theater - August 2018
A historic image of the Times Theater from circa 1981. The moves advertised on the Marquee are Goin Ape and Altered States.
Historic Image of the Times Theater - c. 1981


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