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Continued Discoveries at Stonewall Hall

We continue to be amazed by the discoveries made at the Stonewall Hall project site as the contractors undertake careful demolition work. The newspaper below, dating to July 8, 1904, was found in one of the building's rafters this week - it looks pretty good for being almost 120 years old!

An old and yellowed newspaper fills the image. A small date at the top says "Friday, July 8, 1904." The newspaper is advertising a shoe sale.

Work continues on this important building - see below for the latest pictures.

Scaffolding on the left is being used to carefully demolish the brick and stone walls at the side of Stonewall Hall. A large hole has been made, expanding a hole that was originally caused when the wall failed.
A closeup of the rough stone and brick that form the historic wall. Stones are not laid with any set coursing or design, there's a lot of messy and failing mortar.
The back wall of Stonewall Hall, looking through the hole in the side wall.
A construction worker pauses in his work, repointing the back wall of Stonewall Hall.


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