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Congratulations to the graduate!

We are excited to announce Laurel's graduation from Ball State University's Master's of Science in Historic Preservation program this past weekend!

Laurel, a white woman with curly blonde hair, stands to the right of a large metal sign formed of individual letters spelling CAP, which stands for College of Architecture and Planning. Laurel is wearing a black academic gown and a golden yellow hood and is holding her cap in her hand. The cap has a golden yellow tassel and reads "New ideas need old buildings" which is a quote from Jane Jacobs. Behind Laurel and the sign are a low concrete wall, a tree, and the glass wall of a building.

Laurel is now the third employee to graduate from Ball State's College of Architecture and Planning, joining Pat (class of 1984) and Stephen (class of 2011).

Laurel, a white woman with curly blonde hair, stands to the right of Stephen, a white man with short brown hair and glasses. Laurel is wearing a black academic gown, a golden yellow hood, a white stole, and a black mortarboard cap with a golden yellow tassel. Stephen is wearing a button up shirt with wide vertical stripes in blue and white. They are standing in front of a concrete wall.

We are excited for the new opportunities this degree will bring to Laurel and to ARCHtrio. As her cap quotes from Jane Jacobs, "new ideas need old buildings," and we are pretty big fans of both.

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