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Award Winner!

Congratulations to Laurel and her teammates for winning first place in the 2023 Charles E. Peterson Prize competition!

Zoe Lawton, Savannah Barnhart, Dakshata Shahi, Laurel Tobin, and Jonathan Spodek

The Peterson Prize is a national annual competition for the completion of HABS documents by university students, and is sponsored by the Historic American Buildings Survey of the National Park Service, the Athenaeum of Philadelphia, the American Institute of Architects, and the Association for Preservation Technology. This year marks the 40th anniversary of the Peterson Prize and the 90th anniversary of the Historic American Buildings Survey program.

Jefferson Helm House Cover Sheet, drawings by Dakshata Shahi

Laurel and her teammates completed HABS drawings of the Jefferson Helm House in Rush County, Indiana, during their first semester at Ball State. These drawings will be deposited in the Library of Congress.

Jefferson Helm House Details Sheet, drawings by Laurel Tobin and Zoe Lawton

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